The Visualising Peace Library is a work-in-progress, reflecting our team’s personal interests and diversity as a team. With each semester of development, we have added new entries and updated cross-references. Our aim is not to offer comprehensive coverage of all areas of Peace Studies; we could never fulfil that ambition. Instead, our goal is to introduce researchers to studies of peace and peace-building that they may not have come across before – either because they sit outside their subject area or because they sit outside academia itself. We have deliberately sought out reports, podcasts, blogs and other publications that reflect and influence what peace practitioners do, with a view to encouraging more dialogue between theory and practice. Similarly, through our tagging and cross-referencing systems, we have tried to build pathways between publications on (for instance) medieval conflict resolution and 21st-century peace-building theory, or research into the ethics of peace journalism and the goals of peace education (to take just a couple of examples). Our hope is that visitors who follow up individual cross references or explore the range of items tagged under our cross-cutting categories will encounter ideas and approaches that take them out of their comfort zone and get them exploring peace in new ways.

We hope you enjoy browsing the resources that we have gathered together in the table below. Entries are organised alphabetically and can be accessed by clicking on the title. Our categories sort entries by discipline, and the tags sort entries by cross-cutting themes. You can narrow your search to a category or tag either by clicking on the relevant category/tag in the table or using the search function. The search function can also be used to explore our library with other search terms of your choice. The word cloud of tags at the bottom of the page, and the categories in the top navigation bar, can also be used to sift search results and will list entries by date added. We hope that these different tools help you to bring different kinds of content into dialogue with each other!

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Understand to prevent: The military contribution to the prevention of violent conflictGlobal Governance, Peace Studies, ,
The Military Role in ReconciliationConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, ,
Is there a role for the military in peacebuilding?Conflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, , ,
Better peacekeepers, better protection? Troop quality of United Nations peace operations and violence against civiliansConflict Transformation, Global Governance, ,
Can Soldiers Build Peace? A Human Science Approach to Understanding Canadian Soldiers’ Experiences in Peace Operations DeploymentsConflict Transformation, Social Anthropology, Storytelling, , , , ,
Rethinking ‘Peace’ in International Law and Politics From a Queer Feminist Perspective’Gender, Global Governance, History, International Relations, Peace Studies, Politics, , , , , , , , ,
Daryl Davis and why he, as a black man, attends KKK ralliesConflict Transformation, General, History, Peace Studies, Psychology, , , , , , , , ,
Ecocide is the missing 5th Crime Against PeaceEnvironment, Global Governance, Peace Studies, Sustainable Development, , , , , , ,
Designing AI for Conflict Prevention and Peace-BuildingCyberspace, ,
Visualising World Peace with GPT-4Cyberspace, ,
Adaptive Peace-buildingConflict Transformation, Peace Studies, , ,
No Peace without Social JusticeLearning Journeys
The Phenomenon of Enforced Disappearances in Transition to PeacePeace Studies, , , ,
Memory of Violence and Drama in Peru: The Experience of the Truth Commission and Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani – Violence and DehumanizationConflict Transformation, Storytelling, , , ,
How do we talk about truth in South Africa?Storytelling, , ,
Argentinian Transitional Justice Process: Women Behind.Gender, ,
Peace vs. Justice: The Perceived and Real Contradictions of Conflict Resolution and Human RightsConflict Studies, ,
Constructive Storytelling: A Peace ProcessStorytelling,
The Role of Storytelling at the Intersection of Transformative Conflict Resolution and Peace EducationEducation, ,
Generating Discursive Resources: Storytelling for Positive PeaceStorytelling,
Reconciliation and Remembering: (How) Does It Work?Conflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, History, , , , ,
Settler Monuments, Indigenous MemoryConflict Transformation, Environment, History, , , , , , ,
Introduction to The Politics of Regret: On Collective Memory and Historical ResponsibilityConflict Studies, Environment, History, Social Anthropology, , , ,
Reconciliation and Memory in Postwar NigeriaConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Environment, Psychology, Social Anthropology, , , , , ,
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Making of Japanese Postwar ArchitectureConflict Transformation, Environment, , , ,
Understanding the 2020-2021 Tigray Conflict in Ethiopia: Background, Root Causes, and ConsequencesConflict Studies, Politics, , , , , , ,
Ethiopian Civil-Military Coordination GuidanceConflict Transformation, Politics, , , , , , ,
Reflections from the Experiences of the Humanitarian Reform OfficerGlobal Governance, , , , , ,
Operationalising Bottom-Up Learning in International NGOs: Barriers and AlternativesGlobal Governance, , , , , , ,
Coordination and Collaboration: an NGO ViewGlobal Governance, , , , , , ,
Foreign Aid, Neocolonialism and PeacebuildingLearning Journeys
Queer Rights and PeacebuildingLearning Journeys
Education for Sustainable Peace: an ongoing journeyLearning Journeys
Seeking Justice, Achieving PeaceLearning Journeys
How can we spread peaceful messages through storytelling?Learning Journeys
Military Involvement in Peace OperationsLearning Journeys
Social HomeostasisLearning Journeys
Diplomatic Studies and Visualising PeaceLearning Journeys
Monuments and ReconciliationLearning Journeys
NGO-Government collaborations in peacebuildingLearning Journeys
Daisaku Ikeda’s Philosophy of Peace, Education Proposals, and Soka Education: Convergences and Divergences in Peace Education Education, Sustainable Development, , , , , , , ,
Assembly Places and Elite Collective Identities in Medieval IrelandEnvironment, History, Social Anthropology
Sub-Keepers and Constables: The Role of Local Officials in Keeping the Peace in Fourteenth-Century EnglandHistory, Peace Studies, ,
The Abbe de St. Pierre and Voltaire on Perpetual Peace in EuropeHistory, Peace Studies, ,
Bloodfeud, Kindred, and Government in Early Modern ScotlandConflict Transformation, History, Politics, , ,
The People and Public Opinion in the Eleventh-Century Peace MovementHistory, Peace Studies, Religion,
A Century of Disorder and Transformation—Scotland 1550-1650History, Storytelling
‘A Somewhat Too Cruel Vengeance Was Taken for the Blood of the Slain’: Royal Punishment of Rebels, Traitors, and Political Enemies in Medieval Scotland, C.1100–C. 1250Education, History,
Formulaic FriÞuwebban: Reexamining Peace-Weaving in the Light of Old English PoeticsGender, Storytelling
The Normality of PeaceEducation, History, Peace Studies
‘Once Upon a Time’ by Nadine Gordimer: A Fairy Tale for PeaceStorytelling, ,
Fairy Tales in War and Conflict: The Role of Early Narratives in Mass Psychology of Political ViolenceEducation, Psychology, Storytelling, ,
Review of Recoding the Ethics of War in Grimms’ Fairy TalesGeneral, Storytelling, ,
The Global System: Conditions for Peace, Stability, and Social JusticePeace Studies, Sustainable Development, , , , , , ,
Launching ‘Systemic’ – a Game for Applying Systems Change Thinking to Policy Cyberspace, Education, Global Governance, Politics, , , , , ,
Towards a New Ecological and Social Sustainability: The Evolution of Planetary Consciousness in the Light of Brain Coherence ResearchEnvironment, Psychology, Sustainable Development, , ,
Peace and Peacebuilding in the works of J.R.R. TolkienLearning Journeys
Civil War and Peace in Sri LankaLearning Journeys
NGOs and PeacebuildingLearning Journeys
Neutrality and Principled Impartiality in PeacebuildingLearning Journeys
Fairy tales for peaceLearning Journeys
Understanding UtopiaLearning Journeys
Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent ConflictPeace Studies, , , , , , , , ,
Retrain Your Anxious Brain: Practical and Effective Tools to Conquer AnxietyEducation, General, Psychology, ,
Do Violent Protests Work?Conflict Studies, General, History, Storytelling, , , , , , ,
Can Protests Save Lives? How ACT UP helped tame the AIDS CrisisGender, History, , , , , ,
A Really Good Brown GirlHistory, Social Anthropology, , , , , , , ,
Reading Socio-Political and Spatial Dynamics through Graffiti in Conflict-Affect SocietiesConflict Transformation, Environment, , , , , ,
Failure in a Modern UtopiaStorytelling, , , ,
Role of Utopia for Design of Future Cities: Utopia in Urban Planning LiteratureEnvironment, Peace Studies, , ,
Young People, Situated Learning, and Peace Praxis at The Margins of Everyday LifeEducation, Storytelling, , , , ,
Peace at the Heart: A Relational Approach to Education in British SchoolsEducation, Religion, , , , ,
Making Noise and Getting Things Done: Youth Inclusion and Advocacy for Peace: Lessons from Afghanistan, South Sudan and MyanmarConflict Transformation, Education, Global Governance, , , , , , ,
The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Long-Term Human Recovery After Disaster: Reflections from Louisiana Four Years After Hurricane KatrinaEnvironment, Global Governance, , , , , , , , ,
Public Trust as a Driver of State-Grassroots NGO Collaboration in ChinaEnvironment, Politics, , , , , , ,
Conflict, Peacebuilding and NGO Legitimacy: National NGOs in Sri LankaConflict Transformation, Peace Studies, Politics, , , , , , ,
An NGO Training Guide for Peace Corps VolunteersEducation, Peace Studies, , , ,
Images of Africa: The UK ReportGlobal Governance, Storytelling, , , , , , , ,
After the Attacks: An Anti-Muslim BacklashConflict Transformation, General, Religion, , , , , , ,
Remembering Death and Mourning the Loss of InnocenceConflict Transformation, General, , , , ,
In the balance? Civil society and the peace process 2002-2008Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, Peace Studies, , , , , , ,
Newspaper nationalism: Sinhala identity as historical discourseConflict Studies, History, Storytelling, , , , , ,
The generation of communal identitiesConflict Studies, History, , ,
Peace Education for, with, and by Young PeopleLearning Journeys
Peace Education for Sustainable Systemic ChangeLearning Journeys
Peace education theoryEducation
Comics Media in Conflict Resolution Programs: Are They Effective in Promoting and Sustaining Peace?Conflict Transformation, Education, Storytelling,
Sustainable development: mapping different approachesEducation
The Century of Climate Migration: Why We Need to Plan for the Great UpheavalEnvironment
The Floods are coming: Climate refugees in BangladeshEnvironment
Bastardized History: How Inglourious Basterds Breaks Through American Screen MemoryFilm Studies, ,
Uses of the End of the World: Apocalypse and Postapocalypse as Narrative ModesConflict Transformation, Film Studies, , ,
Rooting for the Bad Guy: Psychological PerspectivesFilm Studies, Psychology,
Wreckage Upon Wreckage: History, Documentary and the Ruins of MemoryFilm Studies, History, , , , ,
Fernando Solanas: An InterviewFilm Studies, , , , ,
THE POWER of DISCOURSE and the DISCOURSE of POWER: PURSUING PEACE through DISCOURSE INTERVENTIONGeneral, Peace Studies, Religion, Social Anthropology, , , ,
Electoral Resolution and Atmosphere / from Hope to HostilityPolitics, Psychology, , ,
Managing Arms in Peace Processes: Aspects of Psychological and Intelligence, 1-14.Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, Psychology, , ,
Priming effects of a reconciliation radio drama on historical perspective-taking in the aftermath of mass violence in RwandaConflict Transformation, Psychology, Storytelling, , , ,
‘Likes’ for Peace: Can Facebook Promote Dialogue in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict?Conflict Transformation, Cyberspace, Peace Studies, Psychology, , , ,
Mass media and persuasion: Evidence-based lessons for strategic communications in CVE, 1-8.Conflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Psychology, Storytelling, , , , ,
Mass Media, Behaviour Change, and PeacebuildingConflict Transformation, Politics, Psychology, Storytelling, , , , ,
Preventing Violent Extremism in Kenya through Value Complexity: Assessment of Being Kenyan Being MuslimConflict Transformation, Education, Psychology, Religion, Storytelling, ,
Integrative Complexity Interventions to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism, 1-7Conflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Education, Global Governance, Psychology, Storytelling, , ,
Promoting Cognitive Complexity Among Violent Extremist Youth in Northern PakistanConflict Transformation, Education, Psychology, ,
A Team Approach: PSYOP and LRA Defection in 2012Conflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Psychology, Storytelling, , , ,
Psychosocial Interventions, Peacebuilding, and Development in RwandaConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Education, Psychology, , , ,
How are Tamil Villages Reconstructed? Ethnography of Place-Making in Post-war Reconstruction in Sri LankaEnvironment, Religion, , , ,
Youth Spaces in Haunted Places: Placemaking for Peacebuilding in Theory and PracticeEnvironment, , , , , ,
Implacing Architecture into the Practice of PlacemakingEnvironment, , ,
Juliet Davis: Care, urban design and the cityEnvironment, , , ,
The Radical Next Door: The Los Angeles Catholic Worker during the Cold WarReligion, ,
Catholic Conscientious Objection during World War IIReligion, , ,
’Peace on Earth – Peace in Vietnam’: The Catholic Peace Fellowship and Antiwar Witness, 1964-1976History, Religion, , ,
Civil Resistance and Peacebuilding Learning Journeys
Peace and PlaceLearning Journeys
Peace, Sustainability and PoliticsLearning Journeys
Agency: peace in peace studies, media studies and pedagogyLearning Journeys
Verbum Vincent: Psychology and Narrative in the Future of Peace-buildingLearning Journeys
The Republic of Ireland and the Northern Irish ConflictLearning Journeys
Royal Beheadings and Christian Peace CommitteesLearning Journeys
Bridging the Gap between Theory and PracticeLearning Journeys
Inner PeaceLearning Journeys
Visualising Peace and Place in different disciplinesLearning Journeys
nonAcademic Style: autoethnography and transrationality in peace educationLearning Journeys
American Catholic Pacifism in the 20th CenturyLearning Journeys
Gaming and Bilingualism in Peace EducationLearning Journeys
Navigating AI in Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution and Restorative JusticeLearning Journeys
Narratives of Peace in South American 20th-century literatureLearning Journeys
‘Blessed are the peacemakers’: international relations, peace and the way forwardLearning Journeys
The Work of EAPPI in PalestineConflict Studies, History, Religion, Storytelling, , , , , , , , ,
Breaking the Cycle of Violent Conflict with Johan GaltungConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, International Relations, Peace Studies, Religion, Sustainable Development, , , , , , , , , ,
Comparing Galtung’s Theory of Conflict Resolution with Freud’s Psychoanalytical TheoryConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Peace Studies, Psychology, Social Anthropology, , , , ,
The Force of Nonviolence: An Ethico-political BindPolitics, Psychology, , , , , , , , , , ,
Dining with Diplomats, Praying with Gunmen: Experiences of International Conciliation for a New Generation of PeacemakersConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, History, Religion, , , , , , ,
A Global Sense of PlaceEnvironment, , , ,
Human Nature and the Potential for PeaceLearning Journeys
Timeline of Peace in the Medieval PeriodLearning Journeys
Peace in Post-Conflict Societies: conflict and intergroup contact theoryLearning Journeys
Learning Journeys textGeneral
Civil War Legacies in Sri LankaGeneral
Fairy Tales for PeaceGeneral
Observing conflict, building peaceGeneral
Learning about conflict and negotiations through computer simulations: The case of PeaceMakerCyberspace, Education
Peace Education in Central Africa: A public health interventionEducation, , ,
Schooling for violence and peace: How does peace education differ from ‘normal ’schooling?Education,
The ethnography of peace education: Some lessons learned from Palestinian–Jewish integrated education in IsraelEducation,
From wargaming to peacegaming: digital simulations with peacekeeper roles neededCyberspace, Education
Language, education and the peace process in MyanmarEducation, Politics, , , , ,
“My Journey of Hope and Peace” Learning From Adolescent Refugees’ Lived ExperiencesEducation, Storytelling, ,
Eurovision 2022 in tempore belli: voices of the people, protest, and peaceStorytelling, , ,
Language and Conflict Resolution: The Limits of EnglishConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Social Anthropology,
The role of language in the process of constructing, preserving and reinforcing peace in AfricaEducation, History, Peace Studies, Sustainable Development, , ,
Radicalising resilience: mothering, solidarity, and interdependence among women survivors of warGender, International Relations, , ,
Self-care for gender-based violence researchers – Beyond bubble baths and chocolate pralinesConflict Studies, Gender, ,
Teenagers and young adults in dissident Irish republicanism: a case study of Na Fianna Éireann in DublinConflict Studies, , ,
Great men and straight men?Conflict Studies, History, Storytelling, , , , ,
Sports promotion and the construction of ‘Irish’ identity: Nationalism, social exclusion and the Gaelic Athletic AssociationConflict Studies, History, , ,
Language, nationality and cultural identity in the Irish Free State, 1922-7: the Irish Statesman and the Catholic Bulletin reappraisedConflict Studies, History, Religion, ,
What people in the Republic actually think about Irish unification: Preference for a five-to-ten-year timeframe for a vote on a clear model for unityConflict Studies, Politics, Storytelling, ,
In Sri Lanka, a perpetrator state demands non-violenceConflict Studies, Religion, Social Anthropology, Storytelling, , , , , ,
The most peaceful place on EarthConflict Transformation, Environment, Social Anthropology, , ,
Non-places: An introduction to supermodernityEnvironment, Social Anthropology, , ,
Three StoriesEducation, History, Storytelling, ,
The solitude of Latin AmericaEducation, Storytelling, , ,
History, Myth, and Archetype in Borges’s View of ArgentinaEducation, History, Storytelling, ,
NOVEL TRUTHS: LITERATURE AND TRUTH COMMISSIONSConflict Transformation, Education, Storytelling, , ,
How was your trip? Self-care for researchers working and writing on violenceConflict Studies, Storytelling, , ,
Harassment and Intimidation of Parliamentary Candidates in the United KingdomConflict Studies, Politics, ,
Greed and Grievance in Civil WarConflict Studies, Politics, Religion, , ,
Diamonds, foreign aid and the uncertain prospects for post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra LeoneConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Environment, Global Governance, Politics, ,
Aid and violence, with special reference to Sierra LeoneConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, , ,
Terrorism and taboo: an anthropological perspective on political violence against civiliansConflict Studies, Social Anthropology, ,
Emancipatory peacebuildingPeace Studies,
Towards a human security approach to peacebuildingConflict Transformation, Environment, Global Governance, Peace Studies, , ,
Demanding Sacrifice: War and Negotiation in Sri LankaConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Politics, , , ,
Do No Harm: How Aid Can Support Peace–Or WarConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, Politics, , , , ,
Rescuing peacebuilding? Anthropology and peace formationConflict Transformation, Global Governance, International Relations, Peace Studies, Social Anthropology, , , ,
Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International PoliticsGender, International Relations, Politics,
Quaker Faith & PracticeReligion, , ,
Transrational Peacebuilding Education to Reduce Epistemic ViolenceEducation, ,
Peace Education in Formal Schools: Why is it Important and How Can it be Done?Education,
Peace Education, International TrendsEducation,
‘Pedagogies of resistance’ and critical peace education praxisEducation, ,
Peacebuilding and reconciliation through storytelling in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of IrelandConflict Transformation, Storytelling, , ,
Conflict and sacred space in Reformation-era ScotlandHistory, Religion,
Cutting Into Concepts of ‘Reflectionist’ Cinema? The Saw Franchise and Puzzles of Post-9/11 HorrorFilm Studies, ,
Building for Hope: Towards an Architecture of BelongingEnvironment, History, Psychology, , ,
The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban SpaceCyberspace, Environment, ,
Spaces for ConsumptionEnvironment, ,
The Impact of COVID-19 on Public Space: An Early Review of the Emerging Questions – Design, Perceptions and InequitiesEnvironment, ,
The Concept of Place and Sense of Place in Architectural StudiesEnvironment, Psychology, , ,
The Challenge of Conflict-Affected Cities: Building Peace Through Architecture and Urban DesignConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Environment, Sustainable Development, ,
The Idea of Home: The Architecture of War and PeaceEnvironment, ,
Social Media Platforms are Failed CitiesCyberspace, Environment, , ,
Planetary Urbanization and the ‘Right Against the Urbicidal City.’Environment, ,
Placemaking and the Future of CitiesEnvironment, , ,
Among the RuinsEnvironment, History, Storytelling, , ,
Peace Ecology: An Emerging Paradigm in Peace StudiesEnvironment, Peace Studies, Sustainable Development,
The Real Tragedy of Beth MarchReligion, Storytelling, , ,
Practicing the Arts of PeaceStorytelling, ,
Surfing the Other: Ideology on the BeachFilm Studies, ,
Comedy and Tragedy as Two Sides of the Same Coin: Reversal and Incongruity as Sources of InsightStorytelling, ,
Singing Out of Pain: Protest Songs and Social MobilizationHistory, Politics, Religion, , ,
Music Videos as Protest Communication: The Gezi Park Protest on YouTubeFilm Studies, History, ,
What Does Peace Literature Do? An Introduction to the Genre and its CriticismEducation, Peace Studies, Storytelling, ,
Comedy and WarStorytelling, , ,
Horror Movies With MomFilm Studies, ,
Speculative Sankofarration: Haunting Black Women in Contemporary Horror FictionStorytelling, , ,
The Clash and Musical Artistry: Against the Corporate VoiceGender, Storytelling, , ,
The effectiveness of Peace Education Learning Models Toward StudentsEducation
‘I Wouldn’t Want to be a Gender Expert:’ Gender Experts in Peace MediationGender,
A Gender Perspective on Peace Education and the Work for PeaceEducation, Gender
Mindfulness Matters in the Classroom: The Effects of Mindfulness Training on Brain Development and Behavior in Children and AdolescentsEducation, Psychology, ,
On Attentive Love in Education: The Case of Courage to TeachEducation,
Cultivating Inner Resilience in Educators and Students: The Inner Resilience ProgramEducation, ,
What is Mindfulness? A Contemplative PerspectiveEducation, ,
The StoriesGender, , ,
How the Women of Liberia Fought for Peace and WonEducation, Gender, History, ,
Probing peace journalism: The discursive construction of blackness within the racial democracy of ColombiaStorytelling, , , , ,
Local Ownership of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Restorative and Retributive EffectsConflict Transformation, History, , , , , ,
Expanding peace journalism: a new model for analyzing media representations of immigrationStorytelling, , ,
Journalism matters: reporting peace in CyprusConflict Studies, Storytelling, , , ,
An assessment of Rwanda’s gacaca courtsConflict Transformation, History, Peace Studies, , , , , ,
The EldersGender, History, Politics,
The fall and rise of peace treatiesGlobal Governance, History, Peace Studies, ,
South Sudan’s 2015 Peace Agreement and Women’s ParticipationGender, Global Governance, Peace Studies, , ,
What are they writing for? Peace research as an impermeable metropolePeace Studies, ,
Taking Love and Care Seriously: An Emergent Research Agenda for Remaking Worlds in the Wake of ViolenceConflict Studies, Gender, International Relations, Politics, ,
New U.S. Black CinemaStorytelling, ,
Making peace in heaven and on earth: religious and legal aspects of the treaty between Ramesses II and Hattušili IIIHistory, Peace Studies, Religion
The centrality of self in response to humanitarianism: An ethnographic approach to the Global Peace Film FestivalEnvironment, Film Studies, Social Anthropology,
We were wives, mothers, daughters : participatory filmmaking for peace building by indigenous Papuan womenConflict Transformation, Film Studies, Gender,
Peace in the Ancient World: Concepts and TheoriesHistory, Religion,
Peace and Reconciliation in the Classical WorldHistory, Religion
The National Film Board’s Studio D: Feminists Making FILMS FOR PEACEFilm Studies, Gender
The Spectre of Class: Class Politics, Restorative Justice and the Peace Process in recent Northern Irish Film and DramaFilm Studies
The Cult of Peace on the Athenian Stage during the Peloponnesian War: From Euripides’s Cresphontes to Aristophanes’s Peace and BeyondReligion, Storytelling
The Glorious Art of Peace: From the Iliad to IraqHistory, Peace Studies, Storytelling
Governance without Government in Somalia Spoilers, State Building, and the Politics of CopingConflict Studies, Global Governance, Politics,
Narratives of Cooperative Ecological Science: The Case of Israel and JordanEnvironment, Psychology
‘All Quiet on the Western Front’: A Phenomenological Investigation of WarConflict Studies, History,
Media and Legacies of War: Responses to Global Film Violence in Conflict ZonesFilm Studies, Social Anthropology
Elsewhere: In Love and War: The Duplicitous Women of New War CinemaFilm Studies, Gender
Western Masculinities in War and PeaceGender, Storytelling,
Killing Bill: Rethinking Feminism and Film ViolenceFilm Studies, Gender
Film Violence and the Institutionalization of the CinemaFilm Studies
Art, Morality, and the Holocaust: The Aesthetic Riddle of Benigni’s Life Is BeautifulFilm Studies
The Roadmap for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies – A Call to Action to Change our WorldEnvironment, Peace Studies, Sustainable Development,
‘Life Is Beautiful’: Reception, Allegory, and Holocaust LaughterFilm Studies, History
A Quality of Obsession Considerably Further East: The Holocaust in the Cinema of Stanley KubrickFilm Studies, History
Reflections of the nexus between justice and peacebuildingEnvironment, Peace Studies, Politics, Sustainable Development,
Challenging the ‘Hollywoodization’ of the Holocaust: Reconsidering Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)Film Studies, History
No Justice Without Peace, But What Peace Is on Offer? Palestine, Israel and the International Criminal CourtConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Environment, Global Governance, Sustainable Development, , ,
How Inglourious Basterds Breaks through American Screen MemoryFilm Studies
Saving Private Ryan and Postwar Memory in AmericaFilm Studies, History
Full Metal Genre: Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam Combat MovieFilm Studies, History
The Imagination of DisasterHistory, Storytelling
Antiwar Themes In Narrative War Films: Soldiers’ Experiences As Social CommentFilm Studies
The ‘Anti-Militarism’ of Stanley KubrickFilm Studies
Cinema and the Civilizing Process: Rethinking Violence in the World War II Combat FilmFilm Studies,
“Das Boot” and the German Cinema of NeoliberalismFilm Studies
Jean Renoir’s `La Grande Illusion´Film Studies
Peace, Justice, and SustainabilityEnvironment, Sustainable Development
PEACE, JUSTICE AND GOVERNANCE IN THE POST-2015 DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKHistory, Peace Studies, Sustainable Development, ,
Beyond the Liberal Peace Project: Toward Peace with JusticeGlobal Governance, Sustainable Development,
Toward Sustainable Peace: A New Research Agenda for Post-Conflict Natural Resource ManagementEnvironment, Sustainable Development
Back to the Future? Confronting the Role(s) of Natural Resources in Armed Conflict Through the Lenses of Truth and Reconciliation CommissionsEnvironment, Sustainable Development,
Addressing the Environment-Peace NexusEnvironment, Sustainable Development
Jojo RabbitFilm Studies, History, Religion
Aldous Huxley RevisitedReligion, Storytelling, ,
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: Expressionism and CinemaFilm Studies, ,
The Political F. Scott Fitzgerald: Liberal Illusion and Disillusion in ‘This Side of Paradise’ and ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’Storytelling, , ,
Psychic decolonization in 1960s science fictionStorytelling,
Screen memory in Waltz with BashirFilm Studies
Adding up the gestures: what we see of Harry LimeFilm Studies, ,
Habsburg’s Last War in Austrian films, 1918 to the presentFilm Studies, , ,
Writing the dismembered nation: The aesthetics of horror in Iraqi narratives of warStorytelling, , , ,
Waltz with Bashir (2008): trauma and representation in the animated documentaryStorytelling, , , ,
What to do when you have the power; in the meantime, remember to skylark!Storytelling, , , ,
“I Never Knew the Old Vienna”: Cold War Politics and “The Third Man.”Film Studies,
More, Huxley, Eggers, and the utopian/dystopian traditionStorytelling, , , ,
COMING OUT AS JEWISH: To Be or Not to Be, 1942Religion, Storytelling, , , ,
SCREWBALL POLITICS: American Populism and European Politics, 1935–41Film Studies, ,
“All this happened, more or less”: Making Sense of the War Experience Through Humor in “Slaughterhouse-Five” and “The Sirens of Titan.” Storytelling, , , ,
The Return of Scheherazade, or the Rise of the Iraqi Novel after 2003Storytelling, , , ,
Allegories of PathologyPsychology, Storytelling, , , , ,
THE GREAT DICTATOR (1940)Film Studies, ,
Frank Herbert’s prescience: Dune and the modern worldConflict Studies, Religion, Storytelling, , , ,
Space Science in China: A Historical Perspective on Chinese Policy 1957–2020 and Policy ImplicationInternational Relations, Politics, ,
In Cyberwar, There are No RulesCyberspace, International Relations
Securitization and desecuritizationInternational Relations, Politics, Storytelling
China’s Space Program: A 2021 PerspectiveInternational Relations, Politics, Storytelling,
Peace, Security and Prosperity in the New World OrderInternational Relations, Peace Studies,
China as a Narrative Challenge for NATO Member StatesCyberspace, International Relations, Storytelling,
Towards Rule of Law in the Digital EnvironmentCyberspace, Environment, Global Governance,
WannaCry as a Creeping CrisisCyberspace
The vital role of international law in the framework for responsible state behaviour in cyberspaceCyberspace, Global Governance,
An introduction to cyber peacekeepingCyberspace, Global Governance, ,
The Double-Edged Sword of AI: Enabler of DisinformationCyberspace
China’s Development of Space Warfare and Its Operational ApplicationsConflict Studies, International Relations,
Norm Setting and Transparency and Confidence-Building in Space GovernanceGlobal Governance, Peace Studies, Politics, ,
Cyberspace in Peace and WarCyberspace
Cyberspace: A new Frontier for Peace EducationCyberspace, Education
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Narratives of Peace and ConflictGlobal Governance, Peace Studies, , ,
The Politics of Everyday Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern IrelandConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, Peace Studies, Politics,
The Marginalisation of Peace Research in International RelationsInternational Relations, Peace Studies
Reclaiming Peace in International RelationsEducation, International Relations, Peace Studies
Hybrid Peace Ownership in Afghanistan: International Perspectives of Who Owns What and WhenConflict Studies, Global Governance, Peace Studies, , ,
The Role of Narrative in Managing Conflict and Supporting PeacePeace Studies, Storytelling,
Peace Research – Just the Study of War?International Relations, Peace Studies,
Violence, Peace, and Peace ResearchInternational Relations, Peace Studies
Revisiting the Local Turn in PeacebuildingConflict Transformation, Global Governance, International Relations, Peace Studies,
Can securitization theory be saved from itself? A decolonial and feminist interventionGender, International Relations,
Everyday Peace: Bottom-Up and Local Agency in Conflict-Affected SocietiesConflict Transformation, Storytelling, ,
Indigenous Peace-Making Versus the Liberal PeaceConflict Transformation, Global Governance, Social Anthropology, , , ,
Hybrid Peace: The Interaction Between Top-Down and Bottom-Up PeaceConflict Transformation, Global Governance, Peace Studies,
A Post-Liberal Peace: Eirenism and the EverydayConflict Transformation, Global Governance, International Relations, Peace Studies, ,
International Peacebuilding and the ‘Mission Civilisatrice’Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, Peace Studies, , ,
Understandings of Local OwnershipGlobal Governance, Peace Studies, ,
Liberal Peace and the Dialogue of the Deaf in AfghanistanGlobal Governance, Peace Studies, ,
Monitoring Peace Consolidation: United Nations Practitioner’s Guide to BenchmarkingConflict Transformation, Global Governance, Peace Studies,
On Hybrid Politics Orders and Emerging States: State-Formation in the Context of ‘Fragility’Conflict Transformation, Politics,
Maternal Situations: Sectarianism and Civility in a Divided CityGender, General, Peace Studies, Religion, Social Anthropology,
On War and Peace in Cyberspace – Security, Privacy, JurisdictionConflict Studies, Cyberspace, International Relations, Politics
Understanding and Acting Upon a Creeping CrisisCyberspace, Politics
The Post-pandemic World: between Constitutionalized and Authoritarian Orders – China’s Narrative-Power Play in the Pandemic EraCyberspace, International Relations, Storytelling,
A multi-stakeholder foundation for peace in cyberspaceCyberspace, Global Governance, Politics,
Waterloo, Napoleon, and the Vision of Peace in Louisa Stuart Costello’s ‘The Maid of the Cyprus Isle.’Gender, Storytelling
‘Je Hé Guerre, Point Ne La Doy Prisier’: Peace and the Emotions of War in the Prison Poetry of Charles d’OrléansStorytelling
Pacifism and English LiteratureStorytelling
Shakespeare’s Use of War and PeaceStorytelling, ,
One Woman’s Way to Peace: The Development of Vera Brittain’s PacifismGender, History, Storytelling,
The Sword, the Scythe, and the ‘Arts of Peace’ in Dryden’s ‘Georgics.’Environment, Storytelling
The Racial Silence within Peace StudiesGender, Peace Studies
Peace Studies: A ProposalStorytelling,
Refreshed Grounds for a Feminist Peace StudiesEducation, Gender, Peace Studies
‘Murphy’ and PeaceStorytelling, ,
Just War Tradition and the Restraint of War: A Moral and Historical InquiryConflict Studies, History,
The (M)Other Battle of World War One: The Maternal Politics of Pacifism in Rose Macaulay’s Non-Combatants and OthersGender, Storytelling,
Imagining Peace: A History of Early English Pacifist IdeasHistory, Peace Studies, Religion,
The Tragedy of Peace: Political Meaning in Women Beware WomenGender, Politics, Storytelling
An Embodied Everyday Peace in the Midst of ViolenceConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Peace Studies, Social Anthropology, , ,
Feminists Building Peace and Reconciliation: Beyond Post-ConflictConflict Transformation, Gender, Peace Studies, ,
Care as Everyday PeacebuildingConflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, ,
From Power-blind Binaries to the Intersectionality of Peace: Connecting Feminism and Critical Peace and Conflict StudiesConflict Studies, Gender, Peace Studies, ,
Making Peace, Making Memory: Peacebuilding and Politics of Remembrance at Memorials of Mass AtrocitiesPeace Studies, Politics, Storytelling,
Mundane Peace and the Politics of Vulnerability: A Nonsolid Feminist Research AgendaGender, Peace Studies,
Beyond the Neoliberal Peace: From Conflict Resolution to Social ReconciliationConflict Transformation, Global Governance, Politics, , ,
Peacekeeping and Critical TheoryGlobal Governance, Peace Studies, ,
A Structural Theory of ImperialismGlobal Governance, Peace Studies,
The Local, the ‘Indigenous’ and the Limits of Rethinking PeacebuildingGlobal Governance, Peace Studies,
Reducing intergroup prejudice and conflict using the media: a field experiment in RwandaConflict Transformation, Psychology, Storytelling, ,
The tragedy of great power politicsGlobal Governance, International Relations, Politics, ,
Defence In a Competitive AgeInternational Relations, Politics,
Three pillars of the liberal peaceGlobal Governance, International Relations, Peace Studies, Politics, ,
Institutionalizing enemies: The consequences of reifying projection in post-conflict environments Conflict Studies, Conflict Transformation, Global Governance, Psychology, ,
Apartheid ended 29 years ago. How has South Africa changed?Storytelling, , , ,
Post-Conflict ReconstructionConflict Transformation, Global Governance, ,
The parasocial contact hypothesisPsychology, Storytelling
An embodied everyday peace in the midst of violencePsychology, , ,
The nature of prejudicePsychology
Societies Within Peace Systems Avoid War and Build Positive Intergroup RelationshipsSocial Anthropology,
Nation, narration, unification? The politics of history teaching after the Rwandan genocideEducation, History, Politics, Storytelling,
Peace history: An introductionHistory, Peace Studies
Ultraprimitive Pacifists: The Tasaday as a Symbol of PeaceSocial Anthropology,
Peace in HistoryHistory, International Relations, Peace Studies, Storytelling
Ekila: Blood, Bodies, and Egalitarian SocietiesSocial Anthropology,
Peace and Women’s Issues in U.S. HistoryGender, History
Anthropology: Implications for PeaceSocial Anthropology,
Feminist Approaches to Peace: Another Step for Peace StudiesGender
Queering the ‘Territorial Peace’? Queer Theory Conversing With Mainstream International RelationsGender, International Relations
Security! What Do You Mean?: From Concept to Thick SignifierInternational Relations, Peace Studies, ,
Who makes war, does not make love. A comment on Lisistrata by AristophanesGender, Storytelling
The Lysistrata as a Post-Deceleian Peace PlayGender, Storytelling
Women in Security Policy-Making: A Case Study of PakistanGender, Politics
Gender and the Security Sector: Towards a More Secure FutureGender, Global Governance
You Just Don’t Understand: Troubled Engagements between Feminists and IR TheoristsGender, International Relations
Peace agreements and women’s political rights following civil warConflict Transformation, Gender, Peace Studies, Politics,
Graffiti in TehranSocial Anthropology, Storytelling
Theorizing the Politics of ‘Islamic Feminism.’Gender, Religion
Homeland In/Security: A Discussion and Workshop on Teaching Marjane Satrapi’s PersepolisGender, Storytelling,
Why Americans Love Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in TehranEnvironment, Gender, Religion, Storytelling
Islamic Fundamentalism and Women’s Economic Role: The Case of IranConflict Transformation, Gender, Politics, Religion
The Post-9/11 ‘Hijab’ as IconGender, International Relations, Religion, Social Anthropology
Queering Women, Peace and SecurityGender, International Relations
Belligerent PeaceGlobal Governance, Peace Studies
Iran’s Quest for Nuclear Power and WeaponsGlobal Governance, International Relations, ,
US-Iran Relations: Issues, Challenges and ProspectsInternational Relations,
Queer Asylum: US Policies and Responses to Sexual Orientation and Transgendered PersecutionGender, Global Governance,
The First Peace SocietiesHistory,
Conflict Resolution among Peaceful Societies: The Culture of PeacefulnessPeace Studies, Social Anthropology, ,


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