Juršėnas, A., Karlauskas, K., Ledinauskas, E., Maskeliūnas, G., Ruseckas, J. 2021. “The Double-Edged Sword of AI: Enabler of Disinformation.” In Riga: NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence.

Thursday 7 April 2022

This report explores the fortunes and misfortunes of AI technologies and how these relate to the narratives that are produced and reproduced online. The report contributes to a demystification of AI technology and cyberspace by giving concrete examples from the physical world. The report does not promote a direct understanding of peace, but it underlines how human and state behaviours are shaped by AI technologies. Thus, taking AI technologies into account is relevant in relation to establishing peace in cyberspace.

Link: https://stratcomcoe.org/publications/the-double-edged-sword-of-ai-enabler-of-disinformation/221

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