No Justice Without Peace, But What Peace Is on Offer? Palestine, Israel and the International Criminal Court

Lia Da Giau
Wednesday 13 April 2022

Kersten, M. 2020. In Journal of International Criminal Justice 18 (4): 1001–1015.

The article contextualises the ‘peace versus justice’ debate in the Palestinian-Israeli context by evaluating the International Criminal Court’s role in peacebuilding in the region. By examinig this case study through the theoretical framework and targets of SDG16 – peace, justice, and strong institutions – the article outlines the controversial role of the ICC in promoting peace through criminal justice. Though the ICC is identified as a guarantor for international criminal justice, critics claim that its intervention in ongoing conflicts ultimately hinders peacebuilding. The solution for peace is, instead, identified as a joint regulatory effort between the legal and political entities involved.


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