Kersten, M. 2020. “No Justice Without Peace, But What Peace Is on Offer? Palestine, Israel and the International Criminal Court” In Journal of International Criminal Justice 18 (4): 1001–1015.

Lia Da Giau
Wednesday 13 April 2022

The article contextualises the ‘peace versus justice’ debate in the Palestinian-Israeli context by evaluating the International Criminal Court’s role in peacebuilding in the region. By examinig this case study through the theoretical framework and targets of SDG16 – peace, justice, and strong institutions – the article outlines the controversial role of the ICC in promoting peace through criminal justice. Though the ICC is identified as a guarantor for international criminal justice, critics claim that its intervention in ongoing conflicts ultimately hinders peacebuilding. The solution for peace is, instead, identified as a joint regulatory effort between the legal and political entities involved.


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