Towards a human security approach to peacebuilding

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Futamura, M., Newman, E., & Tadjbakhsh, S. (2010).

Towards a Human Security Approach to Peacebuilding is a research brief written by Madoka Futamura, Edward Newman, and Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh, supported by the United Nations, considering how the concept of human security could be used in promoting global peace. It could be seen as the output of a research project that is the result of cooperation between the United Nations and academia. The authors discuss liberalism and its role in global peacemaking projects. The first part of the research brief highlights several significant factors in causing conflicts, including interstate wars and civil wars. In the discussion, the authors argue that ethnic conflicts, poor economic development and weak government can be primary reasons for the outbreak of war. Liberalism proposes that governments should decrease public expenditure, privatize firms, and remove regulations in the private sector. The authors argue against this approach by arguing, using evidence, that there is no direct relationship between peace and privatization. The second section of the research brief proposes several solutions for peacekeeping. The first proposal is to use the human security approach, which prioritizes peacemaking projects that aim to protect human beings by incorporating human needs, capabilities and judgement into the decision-making.

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