Islamic Fundamentalism and Women’s Economic Role: The Case of Iran

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Bahramitash, Roksana. (2003) International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 16, no. 4

This article debunks general assumptions that post-war Iran, whose politics are closely intertwined with religion, would lead to a decreasing amount of educated or working women. The data analysed in the essay proved the opposite. The article also includes insights on how women participation in post-conflict Iran significantly helped the reconstruction of the nation and the consequential improvement in women’s rights. It is an interesting article, in the context of peacebuilding, because it deconstructs certain ideas that Western peacekeeping authorities might have on what aspects need external intervention. It is instead necessary to be culturally conscious of the local efforts and developments of peace, as these are likely to be more durable and accurate, given the complexities of intrapersonal relationships and economic developments of societies after conflict.


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