Peace and Reconciliation in the Classical World

Zoe Du Bois
Friday 15 April 2022

Moloney, E.P., & Williams, Michael Stuart. 2017.

Previous Classics scholarship studied peace in the subsection of war and not within its own independent school of thought, despite “peace” sources (such as truces and democracy) making up a lot of classical exploration. Moloney instead wishes to focus on peace studies separately to explore its intricacies. The book has a large focus on the varied meaning that peace can take on, looking at a spread of how it was expressed in Ancient Roman and Greece Philosophy, art and religion. There is also a large focus on the actual ways peace was established and upheld. Moloney gives a good companion read to other classical peace studies books as it allows a more in-depth look across Ancient Roman and Greek periods and regions, something that deals both with perceptions and practicalities of peace.


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