Graffiti in Tehran

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Khosravi, Shahram. (2013) Anthropology Now 5, no. 1

This article discusses the visualisation of peace on the artistic level, analysing how political authorities attempted to reconstruct a peaceful portrayal of Iran after the Iran-Iraq war of 1988 by using images of nature. While the article can be listed amongst the many studies on the connection between nature and peace, it is interesting to see how this nexus is not only analysed as an aesthetic trend, or a form of self-expression, but instead in terms of the interplay between art and psychology, specifically the resolution of traumatic experiences, such as war, through art and nature. Moreover, this article interestingly poses an example on how graffiti art is used by governmental authorities, rather than as a form of protest from citizens, as it is most often found.


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