Adaptive Peace-building

Ideja Bajra
Sunday 26 May 2024

de Coning, C. (2018). Adaptive peacebuilding. International Affairs, 94(2), pp.301–317. doi:

The idea of Adaptive Peacebuilding is explored by Chatham House in this paper. This is an approach that identifies and prioritises flexibility, local involvement and ongoing learning in peacebuilding initiatives. The document argues for a more adaptable strategy to peace building that looks at address evolving circumstances, on the ground of conflict areas – as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This is further reinforced with concepts familiar to biology, including feedback loops for maximal effect of the peace-building initiative, and iteration of plans.

A thorough analysis of conventional peace-building models is presented, alongside a clear framework that suits the adaptable nature of conflict and societal transformation. This therefore enhances further discussion on successful conflict resolution and lasting peace through a strong emphasis of adaptation of peace endeavours.

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