Peace Ecology: An Emerging Paradigm in Peace Studies

Eleni Spiliotes
Tuesday 3 January 2023

Kyrou, Christos N. International Journal of Peace Studies 12, no. 1 (2007): 73–92.

This article proposes the paradigm of Peace Ecology, a theoretical framework for environmental peacebuilding. Kyrou views the current approach to environmental peacebuilding as a more collaborative, holistic, and fruitful alternative to environmental security. However, he argues that the narrow scope of current environmental peacebuilding projects lacks a strong theoretical basis. This limits researchers’ ability to conceptualize the relationship between the environment and peace beyond the role of environmental issues in human conflict. Using five research paradigms, the article examines the possibilities that lie at the intersection of peace studies and environmental studies. By outlining the imbricated values of these disciplines and drawing connections between ecological and cultural systems to highlight their shared vulnerabilities, Kyrou builds his argument for a peace ecology. The lens of Peace Ecology highlights the inseparability of humans from nature and encourages peace to be visualized as a societal commitment to nurturing this innate connection.


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