Wahlberg, Katherine. 2015. The centrality of self in response to humanitarianism: An ethnographic approach to the Global Peace Film Festival

Zoe Du Bois
Friday 15 April 2022

The Global Peace Film Festival is a yearly festival that aims to inspire peace-building efforts through the engagement of local communities and presentation of peace narratives. This paper explores the ways in which festivals can be used for peace and other forms of activism, noting the importance of film as a medium that inspires empathy and the ability to connect on a deeper level. It also looks into how festivals interact with the community, looking at how festivals are able to help create individual identities within a globalised setting, as well as foster a global connection. This paper brings a lot of important focus on the current culture around film (the way it allows both film creator and public audience to engage), and further shows how this environment is ideal for activism.

Link: https://www.proquest.com/docview/1818521180/fulltextPDF/FFDEAEE40686455DPQ/1?accountid=8312

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