Reflections of the nexus between justice and peacebuilding

Lia Da Giau
Wednesday 13 April 2022

McAuliffe, P. 2017. In Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 11 (2): 245-260.

This commentary explores the challenges that a liberal conception of peacebuilding poses to the establishment of socio-economic transitional justice, a supporting pillar for marginalised communities and a major shift from the strictly market-oriented approach favoured by liberal peacebuilding. Nevertheless, the successful implementation of transitional justice largely depends on the political system of conflict-affected states and the influence possessed by domestic communities, demonstrating the extent to which internal governance can obstruct the process of peacebuilding. This analysis of the role played by communities, organisations and states highlights the importance of redistributive justice, a key ideal in of the Sustainable Development Goals which aim to create inclusive, just and accessible societies.


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