How the Women of Liberia Fought for Peace and Won

Monday 7 November 2022

Tavaana, September 17, 2019. – NO LONGER AVAILABLE (CANCELLED)

This website tells the tale of how women helped greatly bring about peace in Liberia, involuntarily revolutionising conceptions of gender and femininity in Western Africa. Tired of sitting down and watch everyone around them die, they created a mass movement for Peace in Liberia. Female suffering in Liberia really brought forward the gravity of the situation in the country.

This dramatic situation created a national unity movement for peace at a time when its visualisation was truly impossible. Women allied, playing on their numerous position, since so many men had died, created mass protests and public assemblies to express their exhaustion for the war. This undermined highly Charles Taylor’s credibility and legitimacy as well as alerted the internal stage.

By allying as such, as one, when mediation talks started happening, the women also brought together different ethnic groups and religions, reducing such differentiations. All wanted peace. 

This Iranian Civic education website provide an overview of an important part of the resolution of this conflict, quite often ignored. In general, it provides learning resources focused on the future, human rights and peace, as well as case studies. Being a non-western built platform, I think it provides great insights on key future education outside the West. 

Post cancellation note: This website has been taken down in times that concur with the revolutions in Iran which indicates a potential link between those two items in the same event. Tavaana fought for fair education which regarded gender.

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