US-Iran Relations: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Nazir Hussain. (2015) Policy Perspectives 12, no. 2

This article illustrates the most dominant narrative of US-Iran relations with regards to Iran’s acquisition of nuclear energy. It could be argued that it favours a Western perspective, based on the language used to describe the dialogue between the two states. The author, in fact, calls the ultimate agreement a “win-win situation”, failing to consider how Iran was heavily influenced by Western states in stopping nuclear operations in exchange for interrupted sanctions, with the ever-existing possibility of those sanctions being reintroduced. Since Iran has suffered a very different treatment from other nuclear powers, one might want to be critical of the terms with which these historical events have been framed. Ultimately, in reading this article, what needs to be called into question is whose peace is protected, if this agreement is considered as a positive end to a debate.


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