Theorizing the Politics of ‘Islamic Feminism.’

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Mojab, Shahrzad. (2001) Feminist Review, no. 69

This article undoubtedly has an informative value, as it is one of the few publications that delve into the history and characteristics of the connection between religion and feminism in Islam. However, one has to be critical of the approach Mojab chooses for this research, as it is evident that the author’s perspective on Islamic feminism is at best skeptical. More specifically, rather than seeing Islamic feminism as a way to create awareness of feminist thinking in a culturally conscious way, the article does not recognise this effort as truly successful or even possible in the long run. Instead, this article summarises the general Western position on Islamic feminism, in which the latter is exclusively seen as subordinate, and a reaction to, Western feminism. Therefore, it is important to consider this publication as only one of the multiple and varied approaches and opinions on Islamic feminism, which is massively underrepresented in feminist research. Having established the connection between women’s rights and peacekeeping in this bibliography, it might be worth noting how local approaches have emerged as successful in peacebuilding operations, and what role Islamic feminism might therefore play in post-conflict societies where Islam is prevalent.


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