Comics Media in Conflict Resolution Programs: Are They Effective in Promoting and Sustaining Peace?

Harris Siderfin
Friday 8 December 2023

Yamshon, Ellen, and Yamshon, Daniel. 2006.

This is an interesting review of the evolution and use of comics to create peace in post-conflict societies. The paper examines cases where comics have been used to bring communities together and considers how they have been used in localised peacebuilding. It utilises a case study looking at the use of various media during and after the Rwandan genocide. The paper argues that the comic genre is a good medium for discussing difficult topics such as genocide and helps to bridge gaps between communities through humour and satire of serious events. However, the evidence provided is anecdotal and the paper calls for more empirical data on the effectiveness of comics in peace education and reconciliation. Overall, the paper gives an effective overview of the history, evolution and use of comics as a tool for peace building.

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