An NGO Training Guide for Peace Corps Volunteers

Thursday 21 December 2023

Peace Corps. Peace Corps Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support: Information Collection and Exchange, 2003. /pdf/library/M0070_all.pdf.

This resource provides a valuable insight into how NGOs function in order to promote peace. It aims to provide comprehensive training for Peace Corps volunteers on placement as volunteers with NGOs around the world. This volunteer training manual highlights the importance of the individuals that work with these organisations as well as the importance of the training and planning that is required to support the effective operation of an NGO. The Peace Corps highlights five areas in which volunteers are to be trained: the role of NGOs, empowering individuals and organisations, organisational development, facilitation of teamwork, and NGO governance. While these areas of course highlight outward-facing features of NGOs, the manual also emphasises the internal features of NGOs such as governance structures and team-building strategies. The program is intended equip volunteers to be able to contribute to the peace-building capacities of NGOs by contributing to the development of communities served by these organisations and the development of the organisations themselves.

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