Peace Education, International Trends

Joe Walker
Wednesday 18 January 2023

Bermeo, Maria Jose. 2022. Journal: Encyclopaedia of Violence:459-466

This academic article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the theory of Peace Education and the differences within the field. The paper begins by providing a brief history of peace education, including the critical turn through links to the critical pedagogies of scholars such as Freire and the watershed moment for the mainstreaming of the discipline with the founding of the Journal of Peace Education in 2004.

In outlining the key concepts in peace education, the paper stresses the importance of Johan Galtung’s conceptions of structural violence and positive peace, before elaborating on the important differences between Education about Peace and Education for Peace. Education about peace – acquiring of knowledge about peace and violence, is seen as being a less comprehensive approach to learning about peace, as it fails to connect to broader social contexts and individual skills such as conflict resolution that the field of Peace Education sees as necessary for promoting peace in society. Education for Peace, on the other hand, provides the ‘skills necessary for living peacefully’ as a more holistic educational outcome. This piece was important for my research on peace education as a foundational text explaining both the state of the discipline and pointing to important literature on related topics

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