Brinkman, H-J. 2013. “PEACE, JUSTICE AND GOVERNANCE IN THE POST-2015 DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK” In Journal of Peacebuilding and Development 8 (3): 92-101.

Lia Da Giau
Wednesday 13 April 2022

This paper outlines the ideational process behind the Millennium Development Goals, the precursors to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which emphasize the interconnectedness of rule of law, peace, justice, governance and development. The text calls for the development of further indicators and benchmarks to assess peace, justice, governance and personal security in the development framework through the monitoring of technology, data and information flows between stakeholders. While the article is only a summary of actions and decisions taken on an international scale up to 2013, it offers a relevant starting point to explore the history behind contemporary discussions on peace and sustainable development.


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