Peace Education in Central Africa: A public health intervention

Tuesday 13 June 2023

Smith, J. (2017). OxPeace 2017.

This podcast is part of the program ‘building peace‘ and it discusses Aegis Trust’s peace education programme in Kigali, Rwanda. Peace activists established a peace memorial museum which enables thousands of students to get involved in the peace education provided by the museum. Data shows that students who participate in the program are more likely to contribute to peace reconciliation within their communities. The peace education program also provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on the conflict either from the side of perpetrators or as survivors. The speaker believe that this form of critical thinking can contribute to reconciliation at the community level.

Compared with the other entries about peace education in the library, this entry shows an overlap between the concept of peace education and peace museums. It shows how peace education can be implemented in the museum space to promote reconciliation in conflict-affected communities. Other entries such as ‘The effectiveness of Peace Education Learning Models Toward Students’ Understanding of Peace-Loving and Anti-Violence’ and ‘A Gender Perspective on Peace Education the Work for Peace focus more on peace education in other formats such as school curriculum.

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