Theidon, Kimberly. 2014. “How was your trip? Self-care for researchers working and writing on violence.” In Drugs, Security and Democracy Program Working Papers on Research Security 2: 1-20.

Thursday 13 April 2023

In this article, Kimberly Theidon shines a light on the immense emotional weight that comes with carrying out research on violence and armed conflicts. Theidon draws on her own research in Latin America, wherein she shares how personal stories of victimhood challenge her mental well-being. As such, this article asserts that self-care and compassion are fundamentals for researchers who work and write on violence. In relation to peace, Theidon calls for all of us to take our internal state of mind seriously within all academic work because it is a part of ‘staying safe and sane’. While referring to violence research, Theidon brings widely applicable guidelines and tools to listen to our inner voices to find more comfort within ourselves and our work. This library entails various sources that address peace and conflict; therefore, this article draws attention to the importance of mental well-being in building peace and a sustainable life for oneself.

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