Gender and the Security Sector: Towards a More Secure Future

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Arostegui, Julie L. (2015) Connections 14, no. 3

This article examines the nexus between security and peace, explaining how methods to achieve peace that go through military action are actually a source of insecurity for women. While Arostegui acknowledges the improvements that have been made thus far to include women’s perspectives in peacekeeping operations and legislative outputs, in order to maintain peace in post-conflict societies (with the most evident example being the UN Security Council Resolution 1325), what emerges from this article is that feminist engagements in peace studies are still limited, and they lack the participation and interest of male counterparts, which Arostegui sees as fundamental in the establishment of a more comprehensive visualisation of peace and security. This article ultimately challenges our notion of peace, and informs our understanding of peacebuilding through a gendered lens.


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