Neufeld, Beverly. 1993. “The Marginalisation of Peace Research in International Relations.” Millenium: Journal of International Studies 22, no. 2: 165-184.

Thursday 7 April 2022

This article examines the marginalization of peace research in the broader field of international relations and offers several explanations as to why two seemingly-interrelated fields possess such a convoluted relationship. Among the most crucial insights was an explanation of the controversy that ensued following Johan Galtung’s conceptualization of peace as possessing a negative strand, defined as the absence of direct physical and psychological harm, and a positive peace, marked by the absence of indirect structural violence such as discrimination or inequality. Interestingly, Galtung’s visualization of peace was quickly discounted by IR scholars who decried the notion of “positive peace” as excessively subjective, broad, and even in-line with Communist teachings.


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