Over the past three years, our student team has developed The Visualising Peace Library, an online database of bibliographic references designed to promote cross-disciplinary conversations about peace and peace-building. 

The Visualising Peace Library has two core aims. Firstly, it represents a footprint for our various research projects – in particular, our Museum of Peace and the series of reports, blogs, short films and interactive tools published on our project website. Secondly, it is designed not just to reflect the research that we have been doing but also to stimulate and expand future research. In bringing together a wide range of publications, from different disciplines and sectors, we aim to stretch and inspire new habits of studying, learning and thinking about peace.

We are building a growing portfolio of blogs and presentations to complement the resources we have gathered together in the Visualising Peace Library. Students from different disciplines have taken time to highlight particular items or connections and contrasts between items which have struck them as offering fresh insights into peace or peace-building. We hope that you find these stimulating as you explore the wider Library.

You can browse the resources we have gathered together via the Library button below, or click on Learning Journeys to be guided through some of our resources by members of the Visualising Peace team. You can also dip into a ‘pot luck’ selection of our latest library entries at the bottom of this page, and explore some of the themes we cover via the cloud of ‘tags’ on the right.

A Global Sense of Place

Massey, Doreen. Marxism Today 38 (1991): 24-29. In this landmark essay, Massey theorizes sense of place as a global phenomenon, challenging the postmodern notion that sense of place…

Learning Journeys text

Please join us in our learning journey!  Below you will find a series of reflective blogs and presentations by different members of the Visualising Peace team. In sharing…

Civil War Legacies in Sri Lanka

In this presentation, Visualising Peace student Tao Yazaki discusses her research on the ongoing barriers to peacebuilding in the aftermath of civil conflict in Sri Lanka. She analyses…

Fairy Tales for Peace

In the presentation below, Visualising Peace student Kim Wahnke discusses the research she has been doing into fairytales as a world-building form of storytelling, which influence child and…

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