Šebok, Filip, and Turcsányi, Richard Q. 2021. “China as a Narrative Challenge for NATO Member States” In Riga: NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. 

Thursday 7 April 2022

This report offers an insight into the practical implications of narratives promoted by states online. Specifically, it delves into China’s usage of social media and how the cyber domain has become a battlefield for political ideologies. On the one side is the democratic NATO states and on the other side is the authoritarian regime of China. The report focuses on how China promotes peaceful nature by assessing three subcategories of narratives: those employed in China’s foreign policy, narratives aimed at NATO members, and the origin of the Chinese narrative, incorporating a critique of the country’s use of disinformation, limitation of NATO autonomy, and relativisation of human rights.

Link: https://stratcomcoe.org/publications/china-as-a-narrative-challenge-for-nato-member-states/220

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